A free workplace mental health program for Ontario’s health care organizations

Your Health Space provides training for Leaders and Health Care Workers employed in Ontario’s hospitals, long-term care homes, mental health and addictions services, primary care settings, and home and community care settings. This includes nurses, physicians, personal support workers, social support workers, human resource officers, executives, management, custodial staff, IT staff, administrative staff, kitchen staff, and security personnel. The program is designed with the holistic view that promoting psychological health and safety in the workplace takes the collective effort of individuals across an entire organization.

In recent years, many working in Ontario’s health care sector have reported increased instances of burnout and moral distress. It is therefore important to recognize and address symptoms of chronic workplace stress in yourself and your colleagues. Through Your Health Space, staff at all levels of an organization will learn practical strategies to strengthen workplace mental health and foster a psychologically healthy and safe environment.

You can register for Your Health Space on the Program page of this website. Upon submitting your registration request, a member of our team will contact you within the following days to learn more about your organization’s needs and begin coordinating next steps. Please note that registration must be completed by an organizational representative (i.e., executives, management, human resources, wellness coordinators). Once you register, you can back out at any time.

Your Health Space is a free program funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health.

Your Health Space is exclusive to health care organizations located in Ontario.

Your Health Space offerings occur via in-person or virtual live training sessions and self-directed eLearning modules. Our team of trainers, based across Ontario, are available to facilitate workshops in-person at your workplace. Wellness Moments (exclusive to hospital and long-term care staff) and eLearning modules provide flexibility to accommodate the unique schedules of Health Care Workers.

Your Health Space can be easily integrated into your organization’s existing wellness strategy or serve as psychoeducational opportunities as you build a wellness strategy.

Your Health Space provides psychoeducational training across an entire organization. It is not a therapeutic or clinical service for individual staff members. It is therefore distinct from EAP/EFAP. Click here to learn more about the clinician-led and peer support services for health care workers offered by our Ontario Health system partners. These services are free and confidential.

Your Health Space is designed for Leaders and Health Care Workers, with each provided their own distinct space to participate in the program. Visit the Program page on this website to learn more.

  • Space for Leaders: When leaders choose to participate in championing mental health it sends a strong signal to all staff that their workplace is committed to promoting psychological health and safety. This is a space for organization executives, management, supervisors, human resources officers, union stewards, and other leadership roles. Training in this space is available through 2-hour live workshops.

  • Space for Health Care Workers: Focused on skill-building, learning opportunities in this space orient health care workers to actions they can take to support their own mental health and well-being in the workplace. This is a space for nurses, physicians, personal support workers, social support workers, administrative staff, IT staff, custodial staff, security personnel, kitchen staff, and more. Training in this space is available through 2-hour live workshops, 1-hour webinars, self-directed eLearning modules, and 10-minute microlearning Wellness Moments (exclusive to hospital and long-term care staff).

  • Space for Connection: Take steps to foster a mentally healthy workplace by bringing health care workers and leaders together to explore workplace mental health and the role that each employee plays in fostering a healthy workplace culture through policies, practices, and relationships. Training in this space is available through 2-hour live workshops and 1-hour webinars.

Upon completion of at least three Your Health Space sessions, your organization will receive a digital badge recognizing your commitment to fostering workplace mental health. Individual employees will receive a digital certificate after each session they attend.

Your Health Space is available in English and French.

Your Health Space’s team of trainers are located across Ontario. They bring with them decades of experience working in health care, training, and education. Visit the Your Trainers page on this website to learn more about our team. Trainers are assigned to geographic regions outlined by Ontario Health.

Your Health Space is funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and is part of Ontario Health’s Mental Wellness Supports for Health Care Workers suite of services. Your Health Space has been working with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario (AFHTO), Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA), AdvantAge Ontario, Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA), Home Care Ontario, Alliance for Healthier Communities, the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN), and various Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) to deliver the program to their members.

In 2022, Your Health Space trained 15,000 leaders and health care workers across Ontario.

During the registration process, Your Health Space will work with you to create a program proposal that meets the unique needs and schedules of staff in your workplace. Coordinating delivery will therefore occur on a base-by-case basis. Additionally, the program’s eLearning modules for Health Care Workers are designed to be self-directed and flexible, allowing participants in that space to engage with the content at their own pace.

Access to the eLearning modules will become available once your organization registers for Your Health Space. To register, please visit the Program page on this website.

Both virtual and in-person training options come with their own unique advantages and challenges. In-person training offers greater interactivity, connection, and attentiveness, but can be accompanied by environmental hazards and last-minute weather, illness, or transportation-related delays or cancellations. Virtual training offers greater accessibility, reliability, and safety, but can result in reduced attentiveness and participation, computer fatigue, and technical issues. Upon registering, you can work with your assigned Client Lead to discuss the option that works best for your organization.

The number of sessions delivered to an organization is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on your organization’s unique needs.

Yes! You can submit an inquiry through the Contact Us page on this website to discuss workshop offerings with our team.

Program delivery is currently centralized and administered by CMHA Ontario’s Your Health Space team. Our team of trainers continues to grow, with each trainer available to deliver the program to several health care organizations at a time in their assigned region of Ontario.

Information regarding your organization’s total annual budget helps us get a better sense of your organization’s size and is also required for reporting purposes. Your Health Space is funded by the Ministry of Health and available to all publicly funded health care organizations in Ontario for free.

Your Health Space is built on the foundation of CMHA Ontario’s Mental Health Works, a program that has been providing workplace mental health training for nearly twenty years. It is therefore evidence-based and also uses leading practices in workplace mental health and principles from the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Your Health Space can be accessed by anyone employed by or affiliated with a publicly funded health care organization in Ontario. This includes student placements and volunteers.