A free workplace mental health service for Ontario’s health care organizations

Your Health Space provides training for Leaders, Health Care Workers, and Support Staff in the Ontario health care sector. This includes nurses, doctors, personal support workers, human resource officers, chief executive officers, presidents, custodial staff, IT staff, administrative staff, kitchen staff, and security personnel. The program is designed with the holistic view that promoting psychological health and safety in the workplace takes the collective effort of individuals across an entire organization.

CMHA Ontario has seen and heard from those working on the health care frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic about the many challenges they face. Many of these were long-established challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. With this in mind, CMHA Ontario launched Your Health Space. This program works with health care organizations to support the mental health of their staff by increasing awareness, encouraging authentic conversations and providing resources and tools to promote psychological health and safety in the workplace. 

Once your organization has signed up for Your Health Space on the program website here, we will schedule a time for you to begin working with a trainer.

Your Health Space is a free service funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Your Health Space is exclusive to health care organizations in Ontario.

The program takes place via self-directed eLearning modules and in-person and virtual live training sessions. Our team of trainers can travel to your health care setting to facilitate an in-person session. The eLearning modules provide flexibility for Health Care Workers to participate in the program on their time. 

Your Health Space is designed to assist your organization and staff in addressing chronic workplace stress in health care settings. The program can support your organization’s existing suite of wellness supports.

Your Health Space provides psychoeducational training and is not a form of therapy. To learn more about the clinician-led and peer support services offered by the Mental Wellness Supports for Health Care Workers suite of services, please visit COVID-19: Support for people | Ontario.ca These services are free and confidential.

Your Health Space is designed for a health care organization’s Leaders, Health Care Workers, and Support Staff, with each provided their own distinct space to participate in the program.

  • Space for Leaders: When leaders choose to participate in championing mental health it sends a strong signal to all staff that their workplace is committed to promoting psychological health and safety. This is a space for hospital management, supervisors, human resources officers, union stewards, and other leadership roles.
  • Space for Health Care Workers: Training in this space consists of self-directed eLearning modules that can accommodate the unique schedules, functions, and roles of Health Care Workers. This is a space for nurses, doctors, personal support workers, social service workers, and other health care workers. 
  • Space for Support Staff: These workshops are designed for custodial, kitchen, IT, security, and administrative staff.

Upon completion of Your Health Space, organizations will receive a digital badge while individuals will receive a digital certificate.