A free workplace mental health program for Ontario’s health care organizations




The system is overwhelmed and so is your team. Your Health Space is a free program that offers psychoeducational training designed to meet the unique needs of your health care organization.

Attend in-person or virtual training. Work through a module. Work with us. We’re here for you. We’re here for you.

space for workplace mental health.

Your Health Space is a free workplace mental health program developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division.

This program aims to assist organizations in supporting Health Care Workers and Leaders employed in hospitals, mental health and addiction services, long-term care homes, and primary, home, and community care settings. Through interactive live workshops, self-directed modules, and microlearning Wellness Moments, your team will learn effective strategies to address chronic workplace stress and promote psychological health and safety in the workplace.


Program Spaces

Your Health Space is designed for Leaders and Health Care Workers (including frontline and support staff), with each provided their own distinct space to participate in the program. A third space for Connection invites staff members from all levels of an organization to participate in training together. Topics include:

Managing Stress in the  

Promoting Psychological Health and Safety

Fostering Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Burnout: From Exhaustion to Efficacy

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Enhancing Psychological Support

Your Health Space is a free program funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and offered to publicly funded health care serving organizations across the province. Please visit COVID-19: support for our people to learn more about the clinician-led and peer support services offered by our system partners. These services are free and confidential.